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Fall 2021, 2022, 2023

Visual Communication 2, HKU

Haotian Zhang

The undergraduate core course, Visual Communication 2, enables students to conceive a form in high precision with regard to architectural constraints. More than mere intuition, the development of a form from a crude mass to a built reality is also a process of deduction. One needs tools to assist such a process, synthesizing given spatial demands into the construction of geometry, and transforming it through formal operations. The course provides students with both skills of precise geometric description in Rhino3D and the conceptual framework that structures the generation of form.

Students are asked to analyze the geometric generation of precedent buildings and then speculate a hidden room in the building without contradicting existing documentation drawings. The unseen part of the room morphs from the rectilinear bounds to soft surfaces, with the sharp edges dissolving and reemerging following the given requirements.

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