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Winter 2022

Design-build workshop with HKU students

Led by Su Chang, Tianying Li, with Weijen Wang

Kuk Po, New Territories, Hong Kong

Received the 2023 Design For Asia Merit Award

In January 2022, 24 undergraduate students from HKU Architecture designed and built four sets of timber structures along the Kok Po village water dike. Each structure invites visitors to orient their bodies towards the surrounding landscape and open up a new vista: rising tides, mangroves trees, migratory birds, hillside villages, Feng Shui forest, and the rapid urban development on the other side of the Starling Inlet. By rebuilding our bodily relationship with the territory, we rethink our relationship with nature and contemplate the dialectic relationship between conservation and development.


Field Theater marks the launch of a series of projects ideated by HKU Architecture Centre for Chinese Architecture and Urbanism (CCAU) with Hakka villages in Sha Tau Kok, supported by HKSAR Countryside Conversation Funding Scheme (CCFS).


Photography by Daegeun Kim, Chris Iu Shing Chun, Pak Hei Nam. 

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