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Tianying Li, Haotian Zhang

Research assistant: Chris Iu, Xingdi Li

Exhibited at the 9th Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (Shenzhen), as one of the nine installations in the main section, "Cosmic Cities."

Received the Young Talent Award from the Biennale Committee

Against the nemesis of indoor space, water, modern architecture works as a submarine that shields it outside while leaving portholes to appreciate it from a distance, unable to tame the weather out there but capable of retaining the bubble of the comfort zone inside.

Our installation is instead an aquarium. The transformations that water goes through in nature, evaporation, filtration, condensation, etc., are now sealed in a series of transparent walls. The exterior of architecture is folded into the interior of the interior, or in other words, the partition wall. The water absorbed from the exhibition space cycles behind the transparent plastic layer until it is used to fill two inflatable chairs. The TV in the wall symbolizes the window, from which we see the world outside. Instead of looking beyond the periphery of architecture, we now gaze inward.

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