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Oct 2023

Workshop for ACADIA 2023, Habits of the Anthropocene

Hybrid workshop held at HKU

Teaching assistants: Nomy Jianing Yu, Jason Chun Hei Chan

Photogrammetry and Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) are methods of volumetric capture that allow for high-fidelity documentation of spatial and chromatic details of an existing environment. These methods, alternative to canonical architectural drawing as characterized by the abundance of textural data, offer a new realm of representation that could potentially shift our perception of the city. The workshop searched for their medium specificities, particularly tackling the gap between the faithful reference to the real world and speculation in the digital realm and harnessing the tension in between.

This workshop introduced the two techniques and relevant tools in the context of filmmaking, providing tutorials on NVidia Instant-ngp (NeRF), COLMAP (photogrammetry), and Blender geometry node (point cloud manipulation). Students unpacked the tools to understand their mechanism and capabilities, working toward collective films featuring Hong Kong and other cities where online participants are located.

Supported by ACADIA and Special Projects Fund from HKU Department of Architecture.

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