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Winter 2022

Workshop with undergraduate students, HKU

Lidia Ratoi and Haotian Zhang

Workshop assistant: Huynh Ngoc Anh Duy

Participants: Kyo Cheung Wing See, Lai See Long, Boris Li Hing Fung, Jason Chan Chun Hei, Fan Ka Mak, Yau Pui Yu, Anson Tang King To, Yeung Ho Lam, Priscilla Chick Kar Yi


In this one-week workshop, students and tutors created a series of “material” tests, not limited to tangible material, but also including its digital replica. We started from a natural material, oyster shells, and through recursive abstraction, translation, and materialization, we deprive the aura of the original material and celebrate the plasticity of the alchemical composite.

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